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Online Zoom Lessons


Fusing his passion for dance, martial arts and music,

The FloWarrior has pioneered his own unique brand of 'martial artistry' 

through years of training and dedication to his craft.

A multi-talented performer and innovator in a number of unique disciplines, this award winning performer is now offering private lessons in the following disciplines:

Single/Double Staff, Dragon Staff, Lightsabers, Folding Fans, Silk Fans, Rice Hat, Folding Shuriken, Martial Movement


Private and Semi-private lessons (up to 4 people)

$70USD per hour


“I've learned so much in so little time with Daniel / Flowarrior as an instructor. His concise and adaptive style of teaching is efficient and effective. He helps his students lay down a solid foundation for easily picking up more advanced moves, and I always feel happy and confident about my ability to practice on my own after a lesson with him. Truly a joy to grow skills with, and such a dedicated teacher. Thankful to him for his innovative flows, and his passion for sharing his creativity with others.”

-Amanda C 

“I have been dancing with fan veils for several years and they are definitely my favourite props. I thought I was mastering them until I discovered Daniel (and no need to say that I was blown away). I participated to an important Canadian TV dance competition and I thought it was the time to update my skills. So I took a private class with Daniel, online. There is no word to qualify his generosity and to describe how supportive he was! He taught me some very interesting moves and patterns to add in my choreo, was very patient with me and was able to correct me even if we were online. I highly encourage everyone that wants to master flow props to take classes with him (even online, it works!). He is an incredible performer in addition to be a very good and kind teacher.”

Layal Oriental

“Daniel is a very knowledgeable flow artist and instructor. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand and has mad skills! I highly recommend lessons from him”

-Cassie N.

I loved the first class!
You’re a great teacher, and it was even easy enough for me to follow.
I’m looking forward to keeping up with this!”
-Noori G.


Specialty Skills
FloWarrior Folding Fans

Folding Fans

FloWarrior Lightsaber Jedi Sith


FloWarrior Rice Hat Performance

Rice Hat

FloWarrior Buugeng Performance S-Staffs


Silk Fans Fan Veils  performance

Silk Fans

Dragon Staff Performance

Dragon Staff

Contact Anchor Performance
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