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FloWarrior Group Fire Performance




Award winning, and internationally renowned as an innovative solo artist,

The FloWarrior also has extensive experience working with performers from a wide variety of creative disciplines to create high energy circus shows and group choreographies.

He has an uncanny ability to connect with audiences of all ages using his powerful stage presence, incredible skills, and contagious charisma.

Whether you are looking for a short solo performance, ambient roving entertainment, or a full blown group fire/stage show, his team of highly skilled professionals are sure to be a highlight of any event

that your guests will never forget.

Fire Performance Fire Staff Fire Bal






Performance Types
Specialty Skills
FloWarrior Folding Fans

Folding Fans



FloWarrior Rice Hat Performance
Rice Hat

Rice Hat

FloWarrior Buugeng Performance S-Staffs


Silk Fans Fan Veils  performance

Silk Fans

Dragon Staff Performance

Dragon Staff


“The FloWarrior is a mesmerizing performer.  He has an amazing style and smooth presentation that is entrancing to watch. 

His performances are energetic, engaging and feature a variety of tools that I have not seen in any other performer’s repertoire. 

For a unique presentation to keep any age group entertained, I cannot think of a better performer to recommend.”

-David Luckman

"The FloWarrior is an entertaining performer who wields the tools of his arts with ease.

From throwing fans to rice hats, flaming swords and more, Daniel’s skill to surprise, amaze and entertain is worth every penny!

Thank you for making every performance a gift to watch! We look forward to having you back again at a future event.”

-Christine M., Jayman Built Homes 

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